All rooms are oceanfront.

This inn is located inside a National Natural Park and is limited to three groups of visitors per day.

Built on a bluff overlooking the beautiful Ohki Beach, the inn boasts extraordinary views and impeccably maintained facilities. It also provides a special breakfast, featuring fresh local foods.
Please come and enjoy a luxurious time surrounded by pristine nature.
We sincerely await your visit with us.

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The Rooms

Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy panoramic views of Ohki Beach as all rooms are oceanfront.
The view from the inn, surrounded by unspoiled nature, is truly spectacular.

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We serve a wholesome breakfast using local ingredients such as Koshihikari from Mihara Village, which is carefully cultivated by master rice farmer Mr. Kumaou.

Rental Board

You can rent a surfboard or a bodyboard.

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A three-hour drive from Kochi Airport.
There is a bus stop in front of the inn.
3172-6 Oki, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture 787-0301
Telephone 0880-82-8410
(Telephone Reception hours: 8:00 to 20:00)

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Approximate travel times from Ohki Marine:
40 minutes by car to the Tojindaba.
30 minutes by car to the Shimanto River.
40 minutes by car to Futami Beach.
40 minutes by car to Cape Ashizuri.
50 minutes by car to a diving area on Kashiwa Island.
35 minutes by car to the Hirano Surf Beach.


It is our strong desire that all guests enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay with us.
Therefore, we ask all guests to strictly abide by the following requests:

  • Guests cannot enter or leave the inn while wearing a swimsuit. Please change your clothes at the outside changing space and wipe off all sand and water from your body before entering the inn.
  • When surfing at Ohki Beach, please follow local surfing rules and etiquette such as not surfing in groups or dropping in on other surfers.
  • Ohki Beach is a beautiful seashore area where sea turtles come to lay their eggs each year. In order to protect this fragile cycle of life, do not build bonfires or use fireworks on the beach during the nesting season.
  • Do not throw trash into the sea.
  • Because Ohki Marine is a small inn, please use good manners and maintain a “quiet-time” after 10 pm.
  • Guests cannot cook grilled fish, for example, or other foods which might produce smoke and/or result in strong smells in the kitchen.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire building. (Please use the smoking area in the garden.)
    Guests must refrain from bringing pets to the inn.